October 17-21 2022 | Singapore

SIMULATE before implementation. Our company provides consultation services focused on operation and process improvement. Automation, work and process re-engineering, lean implementation, digitisation and many others are some ways to improve productivity. We leverage on 3D Simulation technology to create digital replication of real-world operations in 3D virtual environments. 

MODEL, analyse and visualise. We use and distribute FlexSim Simulation System, a 3D simulation software to model, simulate, predict, and visualize Systems in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, etc. 3D Simulation provides risk free analysis and enables data supported decisions. FlexSim gives excellent 3D animation and highly customisable statistical reporting. Management and engineers are supported with data when they embark to optimize processes, identify waste, reduce cost, and increase revenue.

FlexSim Simulation Software
FlexSim is a 3D simulation software designed for the modeling of processes. These processes include manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, material handling, supply-chain and many others. Equipped with a powerful array of tools from a “true-to-scale” 3D display to a collection of comprehensive statistical reports, FlexSim enables the user to observe any aspect of the process and to evaluate its performance.  It is easy for decision makers to visualize – risk free – the results of proposed changes to the flow of products, staffing, resource utilization, floor plan design and many other aspects of the system.FlexSim is your crystal ball to optimizing your system before changes are implemented – saving money and time.

What is simulation? It's about problem solving!

FlexSim’s unique application of discrete event simulation is all about one thing: problem solving! Our software can help you answer those all-important “what if” questions about your system. 

We provide a virtual environment to learn and experiment on your process, a place to validate real-world decisions while avoiding costly risks. And it’s all done with the accuracy and impact you won’t find in a spreadsheet. 

Our models can account for the variance of everyday operations, and the stunning 3D graphics bring your system to life while fostering communication with key stakeholders. So whether you’re looking to validate a new investment, incorporate Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma, or just trying to get more information on your system, choose FlexSim and make it a success. Problem solved! 

Simulação com Realidade Virtual (FlexSim + Oculus Rift)

The FlexSim models can be visualized/experienced in virtual reality with the VR glasses. In this video I enter a virtual tire factory and control the entry of products by pressing buttons on a control table. 

I operate an overhead crane to move tires, endless possibilities for operational training in a virtual environment. 

Through a mini layout, I define the activity that each operator must perform and monitor its use in real time through graphics “dashboards” within the virtual environment.