October 17-21 2022 | Singapore


Founded in 2014, Hiverlab drives digital transformation with emerging technologies to redefine human-machine interactions for a transparent world.

We empower organizations around the world to build next-generation workplace interfaces and experiences with future-ready digital infrastructure. Our platform products and solutions cover a wide range of latest technologies, including AR / VR / MR, data analytics, cloud computing, 5G, AI / Machine Learning, automation, digital twin, spatial intelligence, etc. Common use cases are in the areas of training, communication and operations.

Our 150+ enterprise clients are blue chip and come from 14 industries. To find out more, please visit: https://www.hiverlab.com/

Spatialwork Demo

Hiverlab’s spatialwork platform (spatialwork.io) provides a collection of toolkits for user to create their own spatial digital twin. It helps facility manager to improve operations efficiency, data transparency, and cross-department collaborations.