October 17-21 2022 | Singapore

Serl.io is a Microsoft Mixed Reality partner, helping enterprises, government agencies and learning institutions unlock new opportunities and efficiencies with scalable Mixed Reality solutions. This includes MRx, the No-Code platform for deploying collaborative Mixed Reality.

Serl.io MRx

Reimaging collaboration, redefine engagement. MRx is the easiest way to get started on Mixed Reality. This No-Code platform lets you quickly create interactive and step-based MR content that can be deployed in collaborative sessions.

From training and learning to visualization and engagement, MRx is making it easier for everyone to harness the transformative potential of Mixed Reality.

Serl io MRx - A Quick Glance

MRx is available on the Microsoft Store and currently supports Microsoft HoloLens 2.

It features a ‘gaze and drop’ WYSIWYG authoring interface in 3D Mixed Reality, supports deployment to local as well as remote sessions and includes an off-device session management interface for more efficient facilitation of simultaneous sessions.

Learn more at www.serl.io/mrx or contact us to schedule a demo.