October 17-21 2022 | Singapore

Doctoral Consortium


TIme SGIDStudent
09:00Opening talk
09:151032Jamie Gower
09:301023Dixuan Cui
09:451028Megani Rajendran
10:001031Jeroen Ceyssens
10:151033Sandhya Santhosh
10:301016Enricoandrea Laviola
11:00Breakout with mentors

14:00Openning talk
14:151030Seth Grace Banaga
14:301035Christoph Holtmann
14:451034Sebastian Keppler
15:001020Marina Ricci
15:151029Jesper Gaarsdal
15:301036Manjeet Singh
16:00Breakout with mentors

Morning Section

Veranda 2 – L2 (Hybrid with Zoom and Gather Town)
(GMT +8) 09:00am to 12:00noon

(1032) Augmented Reality Support for Performance and Decision-Making in Collaborative Time-Critical Tasks

Jamie Gower

(1023) The Effect of Out-of-Body Experience and Tactile Feedback on the Sense of Embodiment in Virtual Reality

Dixuan Cui

(1028) Towards an HOI application for digital home assistants

Megani Rajendran

(1031) Context-Aware Support of Dexterity Skills in Cross-Reality Environments

Jeroen Ceyssens

(1033) Developing a Methodology for Co-Creation using Extended Reality Technologies

Sandhya Santhosh

(1016) From Lab to Reality: Optimization of Industrial Augmented Reality Interfaces

Enricoandrea Laviola

Afternoon Section

Veranda 2 – L2 (Hybrid with Zoom and Gather Town)
(GMT +8) 14:00pm to 17:00pm

(1030) Stroke Rehabilitation through Proxy Agency and Embodiment in Mixed Reality

Seth Grace Banaga

(1035) Cross Reality Authoring: A Mixed Reality Editor approach

Christoph Holtmann

(1034) Collaborative manual tasks in distributed virtual environments

Sebastian Keppler

(1020) Exploiting Virtual Reality for Enhancing the Shopping Experience in the Fashion Industry: Between Interaction and Perception

Marina Ricci

(1029) Immersive Animation Authoring in Industrial VR Applications

Jesper Gaarsdal

(1036) Augmented Reality Enhanced Analytics to Measure and Mitigate Disengagement in Teaching Young Children

Manjeet Singh