October 17-21 2022 | Singapore

Innoveam is a technology solutions provider, using Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and other 3D data, simulation and visualization technologies to drive digital transformation for businesses and enterprises. Focusing on spatial computing and metaverse collaboration, we help our clients to identify new ways of working that can create value, improve business processes and profitability. With 10 years of experience in project delivery, engineering consulting and digital transformation in Malaysia and Indonesia, we have proven track record across multi-industries, including Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Tourism, Education and Renewables/Power Generation Industries. Earlier this year, Innoveam was approved as part of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, showing our commitment in expanding Mixed Reality solutions for enterprise applications here in the region.

Collaveo: Private Collaborative Metaverse Platform

Collaborative Metaverse is the future of enterprise operations. Innoveam is driving the adoption of industrial collaboration through our COLLAVEO Multiplayer VR/AR platform.

Highlight Feature: Private Collaborative VR Metaverse

Case Study 1: Collaborative training simulator for operation teams to train together as a unit with individual roles

Highlight Feature: Private Collaborative AR Metaverse

Case Study 2: Collaboratively assessing full digital twin of oil and gas assets in a 3D spatial computing environment, complete with IoT data pull, and RealView return to scene 360 visualisation.

Highlight Feature: Fully Customized Metaverse Environment

Case Study 3: Businesses and companies can deploy their real-life 3D data securely in their very own private metaverse or virtual environment, deployed using Edge computing solutions, ensuring their 3D data remains secure at all times. Their private metaverse environment can be fully customised based on their Corporate Identity and working culture, complete with customised features that provides a complete collaborative ecosystem.